Shingle Roof Repair

Fixing Asphalt Shingle Roof DamagePrompt shingle roof repair will save you from much more expensive problems later on. Your home is your biggest investment and your family’s safety is important. Don’t ignore curling, buckled or broken shingles. Call now for a free estimate. Our high quality work and competitive prices will convince you that you made the right decision.

Asphalt shingles are so popular because they are affordable yet very strong. Today’s generation lasts far longer and holds up to weather better than ever before; but if you have an older installation, it might be reaching the end of its life. Asphalt shingle roof repair can involve just a few tabs or a whole section. We let you decide.

Fix It Now
Roofing problems don’t go away by themselves; they only get worse. Early shingle roof repair is the answer! We are a licensed residential roofing contractor who has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for years. We will show you what we find and do the most careful and sturdy repairs in the area.

A Thorough Inspection
We will do a free initial inspection and give you a written cost estimate that is comprehensive and easy to understand. If you need just a few tabs, that is what we will do. No hidden surprises or upcharges. However, it is important that we check all parts of the roof such as the metal flashing around edges, the gutters, ventilation and the condition of the water-resistant felt layer underneath the surface. If any of these are not up to par, we let you know.

Make the Right Decision
When you call us for shingle roof repair, we will arm you with information and options so you can make the right choice about the work you want done. If you have extensive damage, our residential roofing service also does home roof replacement and installation. All of our work comes with a written labor guarantee.

Roof Storm Damage
If you have just gone through a storm and need emergency roof repair, we can work directly with your insurance company from walk-throughs with the adjuster to billing and negotiations.

Ready to Help You
When you hire us for shingle roof repair, we will arrive with all the tools and supplies needed – and a professional, courteous attitude. We’ll be ready to work. Master’s Touch uses top-quality products from GAF, CertainTeed (we are a certified master applicator) and GAF. Your property will be respected and our cleanup up impeccable.

Signs You May Need Shingle Roof Repair

You might need shingle roof repair if you see these signs of age or distress.

Moisture, often caused by leaks or poor attic ventilation, can cause nails to rust and pop up. This can create a buckled appearance, or make the attachment so weak that the tabs come off.

The hot Texas sun can take its toll year after year on the asphalt matting, especially if the grainy cover has worn off. These protective granules can be knocked off by impact from hailstones and tree branches. You might notice piles of them in your downspouts.

Age and neglect can cause the tab edges to warp, making the surface vulnerable to wind driven rain. Call now for great prices on shingle roof repair that will correct the problem.

Ashphalt Roofing Installer Round Rock If you have begun noticing drips in the ceiling or discolorations on the walls, we can investigate for leaks. Water can travel horizontally, so sometimes the leak’s entry point will be at the other end of the house. Many a homeowner faced with this problem gets frustrated after trying to scour the rooftop looking for damage. There’s no need to worry.

With our trained eye and detection equipment, we can find the exact spot to do shingle roof repair -- just where you need it. Your home’s topside security will be restored with expert care, competitive prices and guaranteed workmanship.

Whether you have traditional three-tab or a designer type, we will respond quickly and listen to your concerns. Then we will go into action, taking care of the problem and stopping those annoying leaks.

We offer quality residential shingle roof repair in Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown and the rest of the area.

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