Roof Storm Damage

Roof Storm Damage in Round RockRoof storm damage is common in Hill Country. The state ranks number one in the country for tornado activity and gets its share of stormy weather. We can be there 24 hours a day, seven days a week to do roof repair and create a newer, stronger surface that protects your family for years to come. Call us whenever you need us. We’ve got you covered!

If you see roof storm damage, don’t panic – call Master’s Touch. We are a locally-owned and operated residential roofing contractor with many years in the business. We have the resources to get a crew out to you quickly.

Insurance Help
We can also handle your insurance claims, saving you from added stress and quite possibly saving you a lot of money. We can then walk with roof with your insurance adjuster, pointing out areas of damage and making sure they are fully documented. We can negotiate roof repair costs and handle billing.

Even if your original surface has been showing signs of wear, it generally costs the insurance companies less to replace it because it reduces their future risk. We care about our customers and always aim to save them time, aggravation and excessive costs.

Types of Roof Storm Damage

You have found a contractor that is highly skilled at both small fixes and full roof replacement. Which is right for you? It will depend entirely on the condition of your surface, its age and the extent of roof storm damage. Some problems are easy to spot but some take investigation. We have the skills, tools and experience to pinpoint the damage.

Asphalt shingles – Shingle roof repair is the number one request we get after fierce weather moves in. When we walk the surface we look for areas that might have been hit by tree branches, hail or other debris. This impact can shear off the protective granules that give this covering its strength. We will look for curled edges, loose pieces and, of course, missing tabs.

Metal – While types of roof storm damage vary with the age and condition, it is likely that panels could bend back in the wind or be dented by large hailstones. These dents are usually a cosmetic problem and won’t affect the integrity of the surface. What is harder to spot are loose fastener screws, but they are the first things we’ll check. Just call for a free inspection.

Tile and Slate – Cracking by hailstones and powerful wind-driven items are by far the most prevalent roof storm damage type and trouble is usually easy to spot.

Flat Roofs – If yours is self-adhered or ballasted, it’s likely the only problem you might encounter is standing water at the lowest points. This ponding effect can weaken the surface and give water an easy access over time. Old, poorly attached edges of roll rolling can be lifted in high wind gusts, and surfaces can be punctured given enough force. We can do complete repairs or replacements, and add a protective topcoat for an extra layer of protection.

Roof Leak Repair Round Rock Stop Leaks Now
No matter what kind you have, your rooftop’s job is to keep leaks out and protect your family. That is why it is vital to let us check for roof storm damage after a severe weather event. As we’ve seen, some of the signs are hard for the untrained eye to spot. And if you wait too long to address damage, it can be hard to prove when the harm was done. Waiting too long can also lead to a slow but steady deterioration of your house.

In time, moisture can rot the roofing materials, ceilings and drywall. Nails can rust and pop out. Insects like termites can gain a foothold.

Mold and mildew can sprout in as little as 36 to 48 hours after water has entered your home. That can lead to long-term health consequences for your family.

There is no risk involved in calling us to inspect your storm damaged roof in Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown or any of the surrounding areas. The initial visit is free, and we offer both insurance help and highly competitive prices.

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