Metal Roof Installation

Round Rock Metal Roof InstallationIf you’re thinking about upgrading your home, a metal roof installation offers amazing value for your dollar. It is almost indestructible, and many homeowners are finding it is well worth the investment. In fact, it is fast becoming the number one premium roof material.

Today’s metal roof installations are nothing like the drippy, noisy tin roofs of lore. They are extremely strong and durable. They form an aggressive weather barrier. With recommended insulation, they are also very quiet when it rains.

When it comes to appearance, they rival any premium natural material without the brittleness and maintenance. Metal panels or shingles add curb appeal and property value. And insurance companies look favorably on quality installations because they are one of the safest roofs around: fireproof, pest-proof and very resistant to tornadoes and hail.

Watertight Protection
Because of the way it is manufactured and constructed, a metal roof installation offers you top quality defense against the effects of both humidity and wind driven rain. The most popular types have panels that interlock on all four sides. Seams cover and elevate the fasteners, shielding them from rainwater. This natural material also resists mold, mildew and algae.

Wind Resistant
High winds are no problem. While metal is a lightweight, flat material, a strong fastening system won’t give gusts a chance to catch hold, so the panels won’t lift or bend. Many types are wind rated to 200 mph and resist impact from one-inch hailstones.

Long-lasting Metal Roof Installation

A metal roof is typically warranted for 40-50 years or more with very little maintenance. Because it can last even longer, it is considered a “lifetime” product. Often just replacing or tightening components like fasteners is all that’s needed. The panels themselves almost never need replacement. They are fully recyclable so there’s no worry about dumping old materials in the landfill.

Types of Metal Roofing
We know the wide variety of colors, profiles and features out there, and we can help you find a style that is right for your architectural needs and budget. If you’re thinking of doing a roof replacement, or upgrading the shingle roof you have now, consider this versatile, eco-friendly and durable choice. Call now to schedule an at-home consultation.

The most common materials used in residential metal roof installation projects include:

Steel – treated with aluminum alloys (Galvalume) or zinc (galvanized) to make it strong and rust-proof.

Stainless steel – will never lose its brilliant shine and is designed for highly corrosive environments.

Aluminum – lightweight, and painted or anodized for extra durability. It comes in a wide range of colors and textures.

Copper – fully recyclable, and naturally weathers from pink to green to brown over time.

Zinc and terne (tin/zinc-coated steel) – stand up to all weather and are an attractive, neutral gray.

Energy Savings
Metals are highly reflective, so they can save you on cooling costs in the summer. Well insulated, this roof replacement saves on heating costs in the winter. Additional coatings or certain colors can save you even more.

Fastener Systems
There are two broad types of metal roof installation styles: Exposed fasteners give a historical appearance and are also a cost-effective choice. Standing-seam fasteners cover and elevate the attachment screws to create vertical ridges along the roof surface.

Hidden-seam varieties are also found in the form of shingles. These interlock to look like wood shakes, slate or tile – without the weight and maintenance.

Fasteners must be properly installed or they can work their way loose, possibly creating leaks. But when you have a professional roofing contractor like us apply them, and arrange for regular inspections, your chances of having this roof repair problem are almost nil.

Metal Roofing Material Choose a Residential Roofing Professional
It is very important that the decking, flashing and fastening systems be done properly in a metal roof installation. We would have it no other way! We are residential roofing contractors with skills and training to the highest industry standards.

We are A+ rated with the BBB, in business since 2006, and have many more years of experience before that. The quality of our labor is guaranteed in writing on every job.

Call now for metal roof installation in Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown and the rest of the area.

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