Emergency Roof Repair

Round Rock Emergency Roof RepairIf you have storm damage, call right now for emergency roof repair. We can quickly mobilize crews in the area to protect your house and do fast, top quality work. Let us help you get your life back to normal and assist you with filing an insurance claim.

Emergency roof repair can mean the difference between saving your home’s integrity and an incredibly expensive disaster. Don’t waste time. Call a proven residential roofing contractor with many years in the area, top BBB ratings, and experience in both repairs and roof replacement.

Emergency Roof Repair - We’re on the Way!

When your cherished house takes the brunt of a storm, you can feel helpless and frightened. Let our highly skilled team ease your worries with emergency roof repair that is done quickly, done correctly and priced reasonably.

We are CertainTeed master shingle applicators and also use GAF and Owens Corning products – three top name brands with exacting standards that we exceed on every job. When you’re facing roof storm damage, you want that kind of reassurance from your roofer.

Insurance Claim Assistance
An act of nature – such as a tornado or severe storm – is often covered by your homeowner’s insurance. We make this process easy because we can handle it for you. We will do an initial examination free of charge and document the damage. We can work with your adjuster, negotiating pricing and even do the billing.

What you don’t want to do is wait too long because any problems down the road become harder to link to the severe weather incident. Wind can drive rain into places it doesn’t normally enter, and this can create an unwanted pathway.

You may not know anything is wrong until you start seeing leaks weeks or months later. Stop them fast and prevent new ones from forming with our highly rated emergency roof repair. Get it done now.

Call Us – Just to Take a Look
Even if the damage doesn’t look bad, it might create expensive problems later. At the very least, it can make your surface wear out faster. You need a professional roofing contractor to check it out. Here’s what we look for:

Metal – Wind can catch under loosened metal panels and bend them backward. All that movement can loosen the screws that hold the panels in place and let water underneath. We have the expertise you need for metal roof installation, replacement and emergency roof repair.

Asphalt – Shingles can tear off or become loose around the edges. The mineral granules that coat it can rub off, making the asphalt underneath vulnerable to sun damage. This in turn can cause water to seep down and rot the wooden decking. You can count on our many years of shingle roof repair experience.

Flat roofing – Do you have a porch, garage or other low-sloped surface? High winds can blow off the gravel on tar-and-gravel installations or it can lift old, fragile material edges. More importantly, it can dump a lot of rain into low spots. If you allow that water to sit, it works with UV rays and temperature changes to weaken the material and put your home at risk.

Roof Flashing Repair We repair and replace built-up and single-ply surfaces with the same care high standards our commercial clients demand. We can also add an extra protective topcoat for moisture and UV protection.

Storm Damage? What to Do Now
While we’re on the way to handle your emergency roof repair, it’s a good idea to venture outside, as long as dangerous weather conditions have passed. Take photos or videos of the damage from the ground and inside. Use a time and date stamp if possible. This will be valuable when it comes to answering your insurance adjustor’s questions.

Don’t haul out the ladder and go up yourself. If there’s a weak spot or if you’re unsteady, you can get hurt. If you have an active leak use tarps, plastic trash bags, or buckets to contain the water and secure your property. As soon as we arrive, we will reinforce your efforts and get to work as soon as possible.

We offer the best emergency roof repair in Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown and all surrounding areas – 24/7.

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