Kitchen Remodeling

Round Rock Kitchen Remodeling CompanyKitchen remodeling has often been looked upon by homeowners with dread. In the wrongs hands, it can become an endless process with dozens of different contractors all telling you different things. But at Master’s Touch Roofing and Remodeling, we make the process simple and straightforward. We handle all aspects of the job and keep you informed the whole way through.

In the home remodeling process, we feel it is important to get to know our clients and how they use the space we’re working on. Whether you’re an inspiring chef, baker or microwaver, we can use home remodeling to give you a room that functions exactly how you need it.

Starting Over with Kitchen Remodeling

While redecorating can update your space, only kitchen remodeling can improve the function of the kitchen while creating a stylish new look. We can strip this room down to the bare bones and even tear down walls to get to the blank slate you need. As professional contractors frequently working in new construction and home additions, we are equipped to handle major changes to the structure of your home.

By opening up the walls between your dining room and kitchen, we can add a few more square feet but a lot more flexibility to the layout. An island suddenly becomes a possibility. Kitchen islands are a popular way to segue from one room to another while adding counter and storage space. Including an island in your kitchen remodeling job is an easy way to accommodate smaller scale appliances like a drawer refrigerator, dishwasher or wine refrigerator.

With a greatly varied skill set, we are also able to install new windows into your kitchen to provide a stunning new view and natural light. Windows are highly desirable in a room that can often feel very isolating and closed-off. And if you can’t stand the heat, you don’t have to get out of the kitchen. You can open your beautiful new window and enjoy the breeze.

Cabinetry Layout
Your cabinetry will dictate the layout of the entire kitchen remodeling project. By carefully and creatively choosing where we’ll place appliances within the cabinetry layout, we can use each square inch to your advantage. Instead of an awkward gap between your cabinets and refrigerator, why not have a tall, narrow sliding drawer to store baking sheets and cutting boards?

People have grown accustomed to the standard cabinetry that is available, but custom cabinets give you the freedom to have the storage you want and need. Some homeowners prefer a Lazy Susan, while others prefer a pull-out shelf. We can look at what you’re storing and how you want it stored, and then choose cabinets and accessories based on that.

Finishing the Look
During kitchen remodeling, it may seem like it is all construction and dust for a while. But eventually, you get to the fun part: choosing the colors, style and materials that will make your kitchen one of a kind. To some, the vast selections to choose from can be overwhelming. As a professional home remodeling company, we have a great deal of experience in guiding and assisting with these choices. Because your budget will play a role in selecting your countertop and flooring materials, we can help you find something that is right for your style and your price range. If you prefer a higher-end countertop like granite, we can help you find ways to save money in other aspects of your kitchen remodeling project to make that possible.

New Kitchen Round Rock Under One Roof
We are a locally-owned and operated business that performs kitchen, home and bathroom remodeling. We are equipped to do all plumbing and electrical work, so you can take comfort in knowing that we’re the only company you’ll need to hire for your entire project. We take pride in this because keeping everything under one roof minimizes opportunities for miscommunications and errors. It results in a smoother process for our clients.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and experience installing all key parts of home additions and remodels: roofs, windows, doors and siding. Call us now to get a free estimate on your project today.

We perform kitchen remodeling in Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown and the all of the nearby communities.

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