Home Remodeling

Round Rock Home Remodeling CompanyWhen your house is in desperate need of change, home remodeling can reinvigorate the style and make your space more functional for the whole family. At Master’s Touch Roofing and Remodeling, we handle your project from start to finish. We are equipped to handle electrical, plumbing, home additions, window installation and more. To get started on your project, call us now for a free estimate.

Home Remodeling is One of Our Specialties

We because we’re fully qualified to perform room additions which require expert construction contractors, kitchen and bathroom remodeling are well within our skill set. We strive to create a home remodeling experience for our clients that will result in changes they’ll love. Our hands-on process keeps us involved in the project from start to finish, not subcontractors. We manage the whole job and keep you informed and involved in the decision making process.

Kitchen Remodel
One of the most popular home remodeling projects is creating a new kitchen space. Penny for penny, kitchen remodeling has the highest return on investment and makes your home much more attractive to buyers if you ever decide to sell.

If you’ve got ideas of what you’d like to do with your kitchen, let us hear them. Better yet, bring pictures from magazines or the internet. We want to know what you envision, so we can bring that to life. As a professional home remodeling company, we may make suggestions to you to help improve on your idea.

At the end of the day, the house is yours and so is the choice. The only limits are your imagination and your budget.

When we remodel a kitchen, it is typically for more space, better function or both. If you’re looking for more space, it may be as simple as knocking down a wall. Many homes have a wall separating the kitchen from the dining room and living room. By tearing down these walls, it creates an open concept living space and allows for a more flexible layout. It may not add a ton of square footage, but the results can make a drastic difference.

If you’ve got a nicely sized space but outdated cabinetry and a poor layout, home remodeling can quickly turn that around. By stripping your kitchen down to just the walls, we can completely start over with a new cabinetry and counter layout that will work for the way you do in the kitchen.

What’s Your Kitchen Style?
We can design the cabinet layout and appliances to accommodate the different habits you have when cooking. For instance, someone who cooks and entertains a lot may want a larger range with an instant hot water faucet to get to the boiling process faster. Someone who bakes a lot may want dual ovens and a specialty cabinet to accommodate a countertop mixer.

A home with children may want drawer refrigerators to make juice boxes and snacks easily accessible to little hands while keeping other items safely out of reach. We carefully evaluate how your family uses the kitchen and help you create a space that works for you.

Bathroom Remodeling
Home Renovation Bathrooms are another popular area for home remodeling because they are space where our families spend a lot of time. Between grooming and bathing and calls of nature, a bathroom needs to function well or it can cause a lot of stress in a family’s daily routine. We can look at the problems you’re having and come up with creative solutions. And if you just want to turn your old bathroom into a relaxing home spa, we can do that, too.

Tub vs. Shower
Many homes come with a standard tub/shower combo. For families with young children, this can be great. But when the kids get older, the tub might start to take up needed storage space. And when the kids move out, you may want a spa tub to relax in. Your family changes, and your bathroom can, too. Let us remove the old combo and install a shower that takes up less space or a large shower for a more luxurious experience. We can also install a variety of tubs, from a corner type to a stand-alone.

Just like in the kitchen, cabinetry makes a huge difference. Through a home remodeling project, you can remove all the existing cabinetry and install storage that accommodates your needs. For a busy family, you could try dual vanities and sinks, and separate areas for the toilet and shower.

Every family is different, and we can help create a house that makes living easy through home remodeling. We provide free estimates and are locally-owned and operated. Call now to get started on creating your new living space!

We perform home remodeling in Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown and the surrounding communities.

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