Flat Roofs

Flat Roofs in Round RockFlat roofs have special needs that we know how to address. If your business depends on a solid and leak-proof surface, you can depend on us to keep it that way. Metal, TPO or other flat roofing can be installed, repaired, replaced or coated.

Our level of training is important when it comes to protecting your facility. As commercial roofing contractors, we update our skills and understand all types of materials and systems. And we apply them in a way that assures you weather protection and long surface life.

Installation – Call us to install a new surface for your flat-topped facility. Because so many parts work interdependently, we leave no detail to chance. We will make sure the decking, flashing, insulation and vapor barriers are installed with the finest level of workmanship.

Replacement – When we revitalize and replace commercial roofing we always strive to exceed building codes. Your surface will look better and, more importantly, function better. The people inside will be more comfortable and you will not have to occupy your time with roofing issues.

Repairs – Standing water magnifies sun rays on flat roofs, which mead to damage over time. We can seal out low-lying areas and even build them up. Our trained technicians will pay special attention to flashings and protrusions. Most leaks occur at sharp edges and angles.

Emergency roof repairs are no problem for us. Call any time after a storm for responsive service at reasonable prices. We can also work with your insurance company, possibly saving you money.

TPO Roofing
Developed only in the 1990s but fast becoming a material of choice for flat roofs, thermoplastic polyolefin combines plasticizers and rubberized materials with a tough mesh. In white and light gray, especially, it reflects solar heat very effectively – up to 90 percent of it.

TPO roofing has many advantages over other single-ply surfaces like EPDM and PVC: its seams can be heat welded like vinyl but it has the stretch of a rubber roof. And it costs less to install. You get strength and savings. It is pliable, so it won’t crack or tear, it stretches to accommodate building movement and thermal changes. It also forms a continuous water barrier when it’s applied and the seams are fused together.

Choose a commercial roofing contractor with a lot of experience installing TPO because it will not perform well if seams are not perfectly bonded. We have put down thousands of these flat roofs over the years and have achieved an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for our skill and customer satisfaction.

Metal Flat Roofs

Standing seam, corrugated or R-panels work well on low-sloped or flat roofs. Lightweight, painted or coated aluminum will not corrode. Steel is a highly wind-resistant and durable choice. It stands up to hailstone impact exceptionally well. Copper, while costly, lends an iconic look to a building and never wears out. A metal roof installation can be warranted for 40 to 50 years or more.

Metal roofing demands precise installation and expert attachment of fasteners to prevent wind-lift and leaks. You can count on us to do the job right.

We have the experience and capabilities to repair and replace many types of multi-ply flat roofs.

Modified bitumen comes in both asphalt and coal tar pitch formulas. It comes in sheets that are heat or cold-applied. Tar and gravel, mixed and applied on the roof, is another time-tested surface because it resists water, wind and hail. Despite its heft, it can develop surface cracks and blisters over time. These problems are caused by ponding water and UV rays penetrating the gravel cap sheet over the years.
Commercial Flat Roofing Installer
Building movement and excessive roof walking can also damage these surfaces. The result is that water can penetrate into the decking – and into your facility. We offer smart solutions with sealants and membranes that will renew your built-up roof and prevent damage. This is important because it’s difficult to tell where leaks start out on flat roofs.

You get fine workmanship and budget-friendly prices when we install, repair and replace flat roofs in Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown and the rest of the area.

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